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Highest Quality Drone Photography and Drone Videos in 4K HD

Planning. Precision. Perfection.

ClearView Aerial Imagery offers the highest quality drone photography, drone videography, drone assessment, and UAV surveying services with perfection and safety as our top priorities. Since projects oftentimes evolve as they unfold, we are prepared to work dynamically to meet your needs. The skilled pilots of ClearView are trained and equipped to handle additional requests or challenges that may arise during production.

We are passionate about our work and are constantly looking to challenge ourselves to discover what’s possible with drone photography and video technology. If you don’t see a service specific to your needs, reach out to us anyway. We understand that every client’s vision is different, and we are always enthusiastic to find new applications for our drone and UAV aircraft.

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Did you know that an impressive property demo video taken with drone photography can actually raise the property value? This is a fact which translates into an increase in sales numbers, and our drone pilots and specialty editors are consistently adding more than 10% to the value of each property we shoot. Reach out to us to find out how drone photography can increase the value of your home or building.


Special events are memories that we should cherish for years and talk about over the dinner table with our kids. Instead of talking about an epic party or your wedding, why not immortalize them on video forever? Our drone photography adds that grand aerial visual everyone likes to envision in their stories, and our crew wants to make sure what you have will look superb – no matter when you view it.


If you have a personal project, business, or information you would like to present to the public, we can assist you. Public advertisement is the fastest and most effective way to reach large quantities of people, and it is easier to execute than most people realize. A short and well thought-out video pushed into the right channel can be life-changing for many, and our drone photography production at ClearView is changing lives all the time.


Construction can be a difficult and taxing career, and the professionals in this industry put themselves at risk often. Through our capabilities with drone photography, ClearView Aerial Imagery would like to give back to the community that has created our country’s infrastructure by taking some of the burden and risk off their shoulders.


The agricultural industry is quite literally the bread and butter for the entire American workforce, and they deserve far more acknowledgement than they receive. ClearView likes to give back a little by using our drone photography to help streamline their processes, from the planting of seeds to the transportation of finished goods.


Survey and terrain assessment data are used all over the world and by industries as diverse as law enforcement to construction, resource management and wild life preserve, new construction and emergency management firms. Google Maps is made up of petabytes worth of survey images, and many use that single service daily. Drone photography is going to not only contribute drastically to this field in the coming years, but enhance its quality and speed as well. We are doing it already. 


To achieve the highest accuracy in a project, it’s highly beneficial to have eyes in the sky during construction and supply an architect or builder with live models and maps as they build. Drone photography by ClearView is able to serve as those eyes for our clients in addition to surveying sites and providing them with information to create 3D models from other existing structures for direct digital comparison. 


ClearView Aerial Imagery is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of drone photography.

“Let us show you the world from new heights.”

FAA Certified Drone Pilot

Based out of Pensacola, FL, our team is willing to travel at your convenience.