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ClearView Aerial Imagery is a revolutionary business deeply seated in the new UAS industry that uses drones to capture aerial cinematography that is difficult, expensive, unsafe, or completely unobtainable till now.

What separates drones from helicopters or other heavy filming equipment is the ability to drastically cut costs and perform far more sophisticated maneuvers while also drastically reducing risk, which can be crucial in fields like construction or search and rescue.

The usage of Unmanned Aerial Systems, or drones, are widespread and can be seen working around industrial sites, in real estate, off shore oil, as well as assisting law enforcement and disaster relief.

The drone arena is a relatively new business market, having only been granted permission to fly at all by the FAA in 2006. Only in 2016 have they finally come out with preemptory regulations concerning commercial usage of drone systems.

We have wasted no time at all in training professional FAA approved crews to so that we can present the best product possible.

Costs for hiring and using drones are far less expensive, hands down, than any manned aircraft or heavy filming equipment to date and our intricate flying ability grounded in a background in military aviation gives us the edge to fly anywhere with unprecedented precision. Allowing us to be your aerial photography team means the job will be done with speed, precision, and to perfection. 


Alex Buescher

Co-Founder and Chief Pilot

Alex is our top operator and responsible for most of the training and mission planning for ClearView. Having graduated from the prestigious Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and serving as an active Naval Aviator, he is ideally trained to handle any project with dedication and precision.

All of our pilots are Part 107 certified with the FAA, but their real achievement is being able to meet the exacting flight standards demanded by our Chief Pilot. Alex is known for being able to tackle the most demanding maneuvers and is always the go-to operator for the most difficult missions.

With his tenacity and unshakable ethics, Alex has excelled in academics, athletics, military, church, and serves as faithfully within his community as he does for our country.

Stephen Buescher
Co-Founder and CEO

Stephen is our business visionary and administrator who has taken on the challenge to create a national business in a brand new industry. Having degrees from Virginia Military Institute and San Diego Fermanian School of Business, Stephen brings his business training, discipline, and piloting expertise to both the front line and behind the scenes of ClearView.

An aviator and serial entrepreneur, Stephen is known for his big-picture progressive thinking. Being both meticulous and creative, he brings a fresh perspective and efficient format to running a versatile business in a quickly growing industry.

Keith Brunson

Executive Producer

Entering in the production industry in 1980 as a charter member with a new basement start-up called CNN, Keith spent decades in the televised community working among the top names in entertainment. After a very successful career in and around Hollywood, Keith diverted his attentions to create the Brunson Agency, a multimillion dollar marketing agency.

Keith has a deep and long suited passion for flying; he was a military child and is a former pilot. He wanted to purse a venture that encompassed his skills as a producer and his passion for flying. He sold his business and became a documentary producer. Keith joined ClearView Aerial Imagery as an Executive Producer, he brings to the team his unique experiences, skill sets, and passions to the ClearView team.


ClearView Aerial Imagery provides first-class aerial photography and videography services at very affordable prices.

We cater to media, film, construction, survey, agriculture, journalism, real estate, tourism, hospitality, and much more. Our quality tools enhance our client’s overall services, products, and image. We give our clients the leverage they need to increase their bottom line. What sets ClearView apart from other drone companies is the partners’ personal Naval Aviation experience, excellent qualifications, and FAA certifications. This allows our team to focus more on security and protection.

 Our developing technologies can even assist emergency management teams in predicting landslides, floods, earthquakes, and tornados.  We can also assist in helping disaster relief teams find and maintain contact with people in great danger. One of our personal passions at ClearView is providing visual aid to law enforcement. This can drastically reduce the risk to officers and civilians alike, keeping them out of harm’s way.