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I’ve heard that drones can be dangerous. Won’t having one at my wedding endanger my guests?

Drone pilots, engineers, and programmers keep safety at the forefront of their minds at all time. There are layers of safety features at every stage to prevent any accidents from occurring, but nothing is fool proof. Make sure your pilots are well trained, insured, qualified, and take the time to inform you and your guests of what is happening.


Aren’t drones noisy and distracting?

Most drone models are relatively quiet. As drones become more integrated into everyday life, engineers and pilots will find more creative ways at making them nearly invisible before you know it. 

How do you ensure the drones don’t seem intrusive?

The beauty of flight is that skilled pilots have a nearly unlimited number of options available to them. A difference between an amateur pilot and a skilled one is their ability to remain mostly unseen. 

Are there legal complications involved in hiring a drone photography service?

Not if the pilots are licensed and have their FAA certification. Professional pilots who do this for a living will take care of all that for you. 

How high can drones fly?

This depends on several factors, but most will fly under 400 feet. However, some models can fly as high as a mile in the air.

What kind of range can you get with a drone?

Depends on the drone. Visit our capabilities or education pages for more information.

What if I’m not fully satisfied with the work? Do you offer any kind of guarantees?

Our company is in the business of making an impact and satisfying clients. If our work doesn’t meet your expectations, you won’t be charged. 

Is hiring a drone photography service expensive?

Drone photography is far more affordable than any other kind of aerial photography. Using a light, unmanned drone is safer, more precise, and faster than any other option previously available. 

Remember, you are hiring not just a drone but the pilot as well. Anyone can buy a drone, but the skill necessary to fly it safely and effectively takes years of training, just like any profession. 

I encourage you to look at our other educational site for more information regarding what drones are capable of and how to best use them for your needs.