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In areas such as forestry, topographical surveying, and urban development, being able to cover large areas of terrain and mapping with exact accuracy can make all the difference. Using highly sophisticated modeling programs, multiple tracking devices, and orthomosaic technology, our drone pilots are able to map terrain within 2cm of accuracy. Orthomosaic photography, or terrain mapping, is an aerial photograph that is an accurate representation of the Earth’s surface taking into account camera tilt, lens distortion, and topographic relief and can be used to measure and represent true distances.

Accurate terrain assessment and mapping is essential for land clearing, forestry, irrigation and development planning, archeological site mapping, natural disasters and missing person searches, and much more. Our pilots at ClearView approach every flight with professionalism and expertise and are trained to pilot in any situation including assisting law enforcement and disaster relief. No job is too big or too small and having an accurate true-to-scale map of what lies ahead.

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